The F-4Bs appearance was dramatically changed with the introduction of the new shoehorn equipment and the associated new fairings.  A new radome profile saw a hook shape fairing added to the lower portion of the chin fairing that replaced the production now unused  cryogenic door intended for servicing the IR seeker equipment which was now removed. There were four canoe shaped fairings located on the undersides of the aircraft with two under the intakes and another two just outboard of the speed brakes. A pair of new blade antennas were fitted onto the spine just aft of Door 19 behind the cockpits and an additional blade antennas was fitted just behind the nose gear bay.

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1 - Fwd AN/ALQ-91 IFF Countermeasures Antenna
2 - Aft AN/ALQ-91 IFF Countermeasures Antenna
3 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Forward Receive Antenna
4 - AN/APR-27 Missile Warning Antenna
5 - Lower AN/ALQ-91 IFF Countermeasures Antenna
6 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Fwd Continuous Wave Transmit Antenna
 Doors 622L & 622R were the new chaff bay doors with one on each side of the upper fuselage just aft of the RAT bay's location. There were new fairing fin caps on top of the tail with a large rounded fairing on the leading edge and an oblong fairing on the trailing edge over the rudder's top line. To gain access to the new equipment in the tail's upper area saw the introduction of a larger Door 621 that replaced the original production Door 68 on the left side of the tail's upper area. A new Door 616 was added  to the rear fuselage left side in front of the production standard Door 60 no doubt to give access to some new ' black boxes ' located in that area.

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1 - Top TACAN antenna
2 - AN/ALE-29 Countermeasures Dispenser
3 - AN/APR-30 Fwd Hemisphere Antenna Fairing
4 - Aft AN/ALQ-51/100 Aft Continuous Wave Transmit Antenna
5 - Door 616 - Receiver / Transmitter Equipment
6 - Door 621 - Electronic Equipment & Warning Amplifier Control
7 - AN/APR-30 Aft Hemisphere Antenna
Door 617 appeared just forward of the production standard Door 62 on the right side.
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1 - Starboard AN/ALE-29 Countermeasures Dispenser
2 - Door 617 - Impact box & destruct battery, power divider & warning amplifier/mixer
3 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Aft Pulse Transmit Antenna
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1 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Fwd Pulse Transmit Antenna

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