F-4Bs with these new changes / updates would still have the original AN/APR-30 fairings on the tail and nose as already noted, but would been re-equipped with the AN/APR-25 RHAW equipment under the skin.
 New antenna fit for the new AN/APR-25 RHAW system was the two disc shaped antenna covers on the drag chute doors with the rear facing antennas. The Drag Chute door-107 was re-designed to accommodate the new antenna fit and the air vent profile on the door was changed from the original round opening centrally placed on the door to and upside down ' D ' shape lower on the door and under the centre point. Since APR-30's was no longer installed from that point on the enlarged Door 621 on the left side of the tail was still present originally on many aircraft fresh out of the mod shop but gradually gave way to a return to the production standard door 68 as 1967 progressed.

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1 - Fwd AN/ALQ-91 IFF Countermeasures Antenna
2 - Aft AN/ALQ-91 IFF Countermeasures Antenna
3 - AN/ALQ-25 Fwd Hemisphere Antennas
4 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Fwd Receive Antenna
5 - AN/APR-27 Missile Warning Antenna
6 - Lower AN/ALQ-91 IFF Countermeasures Antenna
7 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Fwd Continuous Wave Transmit Antenna

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1 - Upper TACAN antenna
2 - AN/ALE-29 Countermeasures Dispenser
3 - Empty or Disconnected Fairing
4 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Aft Continuous Wave Transmit Antenna
5 - Door 615 - Receiver/Transmitter Equipment
6 - Door 621 - no longer need enlarged doors and future aircraft reverted to Door 68
7 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Aft Receive Antenna

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1 - AN/ALE-29 Countermeasures Dispenser
2 - AN/APR-25 Rear Hemisphere Antennas
3 - Door 617 - Impact Box & Destruct Battery, Power Divider & Warning Amplifier/Mixer
4 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Aft Pulse Transmit Antenna

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1 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Fwd Pulse Transmit Antenna

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