Aircraft modified with these systems in 1968 differed from the Shoehorn Mod 1 and Shoehorn Mod 2 aircraft with the introduction of a single fairing tail fin cap similar to the USAF F-4C at that time. An F-4D pattern chin fairing completed the new fit with fairings appropriate to the new AN/APR-25 RHAW combination. Other fittings already in place such as disc antenna covers on the new Drag Chute door as well as canoe shaped fairings on the undersides and the spine and underside blade antenna fit remained as before. By this time door 68 on the upper part of the tail fin's left side was firmly re-established with door 621 gone forever. Other access doors remained as they were in Shoehorn Mod. 1 and Shoehorn Mod. 2.

There are exceptions to Mod 3 in appearance but not in systems.  The F-4Bs with VF-142 and VF-143 on CVA-64 the USS Constellation differed from what became the standard Mod 3 fit in that while they did have a single fairing fin cap already in place from their 1967 cruise they also were fit with the original APR-30 hook shaped chin pod fairing. It is thought this was nothing more than using up the last of the available stocks of these fittings and indeed a small number of the first Marine aircraft to go into the Shoehorn project acquired the same fit.

New aircraft coming into VF-151 and VF-161 on CVA-43 the USS Coral Sea were the first to get the new and correct shaped antenna fairings associated with AFC-339 and AFC-375. It should be noted however that the F-Bs still with these squadrons from their 1967 retained their original APR-30 fittings but had the new style fairings fit when they returned to the States at the end of the 1967 / 1968 deployment.  The disc antenna covers on the new style drag chute door and other antenna fits as already noted in mid to late 1967 were retained. 

Access doors would not change except that the enlarged door 621 was no longer needed and the smaller door 68 would return on all new aircraft coming into the shoehorn project from this point on.

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1 - AN/ALQ-91 IFF Fwd Countermeasures Antenna
2 - AN/ALQ-91 Aft IFF Countermeasures Antenna
3 - AN/APR-25 Fwd Hemisphere Antennas
4 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Fwd Receive Antenna
5 - AN/APR-27 Missile Warning Antenna
6 - AN/ALQ-91 Lower IFF Countermeasures Antenna
7 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Fwd Continuous Wave Transmit Antenna

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1 - Upper TACAN antenna
2 - AN/ALE-29 Port Countermeasures Dispenser
3 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Aft Continuous Wave Transmit Antenna
4 - Door 616 - EW Receiver / Transmitter Equipment
5 - Keep smaller Door 68 on all new installations
6 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Aft Receive Antenna

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1 - AN/ALE-29 Starboard Countermeasures Dispenser
2 - AN/APR-25 Aft Hemisphere Antennas
3 - Door 617 - Impact box & destruct battery, power divider & warning amplifier/mixer
4 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Aft Pulse Transmit Antenna
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1 - AN/ALQ-51/100 Fwd Pulse Transmit Antenna

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