What we are calling Shoehorn Mod. 4 is the shoehorn fit to the F-4J models (although I don't think that by this time the term Shoehorn applied any more).  With this equipment fit the AN/APR-25 was firmly entrenched as the RHAW gear of choice replacing the AN/APR-30.  Also the equipment had shrunk in size (due to use of smaller solid state components) so all the modified doors were no longer needed.  So with this fit the F-4J retains door 68, and doors 616, 617, and 629 are no longer added.

The first F-4Js to enter the war zone were assigned to VF-102 and VF-33 aboard CVA-66 USS America from 10 Apr 1968 - 16 Dec 1968.  These were followed by VF-21 and VF-154 aboard CVA-61 USS Ranger from 26 Oct. 1968 - 17 May 1939.

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1 - AN/ALQ-91 Antenna
2 - AN/ALQ-91 Antenna
3 - AN/ALQ-51A/100 Fwd Receive Antenna
4 - AN/APR-27 Missile Warning Antenna
5 - AN/ALQ-91 Antenna
6 - AN/ALQ-51A/100 Fwd Continuous Wave Transmit Antenna
7 - AN/APR-25 Left Fwd Quadrant Antenna

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1 - Upper IFF Antenna
2 - AN/ALE-29A Countermeasure Dispenser Set
3 - AN/ALQ-51A/100 Aft Continuous Wave Transmit Antenna
4 - AN/ALQ-51A/100 Aft Receive Antenna

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1 - AN/ALE-29A Countermeasure Dispenser
2 - AN/APR-25 Aft Hemisphere Antennas (one each side)
3 - AN/ALQ-51A/100 Aft Pulse Transmit Antenna

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1 - AN/APR-25 Right Fwd Quadrant Antenna
2 - AN/ALQ-51A/100 Fwd Pulse Transmit Antenna


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  • Artwork by Kim Simmelink
  • Michael France and Craig Kaston